Buying an investment property

Buying an investment property can be a great step forward in building wealth for you and your family.  Finding the right property, however, can be difficult AND time consuming!  At Property Zest we are not only experienced property investors, we’ve…more

Buying your own home

How exciting it is to purchase a home to live in!  If it’s your first property then there’s a lot to learn!  It’s also a time consuming process to find that ultimate property that meets your requirements and your budget.  We would love to work with you to find that fantastic place to call home…more


Having relocated ourselves in the past, we understand that this can be a logistical headache!  Not only do you need the right home at the right price, but you need to know that you’re choosing the right area and you need to have someone on the ground for you to help…more

Overseas Buyers

Whether you’re looking to relocate, looking for a holiday home or looking to invest from abroad, it’s hard to get a gauge of the market, the locations and the properties from afar.  Having been expats for several years, we understand what it’s like to try to coordinate things from another timezone…more