Property Zest – Property Mentoring Testimonial – Jo Flood


Jo Flood, Tynong North, Victoria

When I looked into doing Karen’s Property Mastermind course, I nearly didn’t do it – although I knew I wanted to get into property, I didn’t feel ready. Looking back I think I just had no idea where to start. I thought it was all very complicated and I needed to spend a good year or two learning all about the ins and outs. Actually it probably would have taken me a year to gather all the information that Karen had packaged up in the course.

Buying a property is such a big commitment and the last thing I wanted to do was buy a lemon or get ripped off somehow. The ironic thing was that I went from someone who almost didn’t sign up, to buying a property before the course was even finished! This boost in confidence was due both to the level of understanding I gained and the encouragement and common-sense advice on each of the properties I put forward as potential investments.

A year later I am still really pleased with the property I chose, especially compared to the ones I was going to buy (and probably would have if I’d been on my own!).

Some of the first properties I researched and proposed as investments were a little sad to put it nicely. The one I ended up with is cash flow positive and has also had some modest capital growth in the last 12 months and I got a tidy tax return as well!

Karen is terrific as a teacher and mentor, and her common-sense approach is simple and easy to understand. But what I liked the most was her integrity – she is not looking to upsell, onsell, or otherwise milk people as so many others seem to be. I liked her honesty so much we have now become good friends!

I can highly recommend Karen as a mentor or a buyers advocate as she knows what she is talking about, looks after her clients and is passionate about property.

Property Mentoring - Property Zest - Testimonial from Jo Flood

Jo Chivers (left) from and Jo Flood on our Property Road Trip to the Hunter Valley Region in March 2012.

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