When advertising a rental property with an agency, it is very important to find out the procedures used by the rental agency pertaining to advertising costs, methods and formats, inspection times and how they take prospective tenants through.

Advertising Process

Here at Property Zest Rentals we make sure our owners are part of the process every step of the way.

  • Photos – We first engage a professional photographer to take photos. Having professional photos can make your home more appealing than others.  If the photos are professional, light and shows the property for what it is worth, it will be more appealing to the eye for prospective tenants.
  • Script – Next step is writing a script, describing the property.  We write the script and then send it to our owners for them to add, delete or change anything.
  • Launch – Once we have received the script approval from the owner, we begin the process of uploading the property to various websites to advertise the property for rent.
  • Inspections – We take prospective tenants through any time of the day, the more time you make for prospective tenants, the easier to get everyone through the property.  We give tenants an option to automatically book their own inspection times and we send them reminders prior to as well as follow up after.


The most important part of advertising a rental is the price.  The saying is “if the property is priced right than it will rent.”  We supply our owners with a CMA and an appraisal letter to guide them on a rental price for the current market.

At Property Zest rentals our turnaround time from listed to approving tenants is usually a week or less!  Through the whole process our owners are always informed once we receive enquiries to phone calls after each inspection.

Top Tips for advertising your rental property

  • Make sure you find out the agencies costings and procedures
  • Professional photos is a must
  • Get a copy of the script and make sure you are happy with it
  • Price the rental property for the current market
  • Get updated as regularly as possible

At the end of the day, this is your home, your investment property and you should be looked after and kept up to date at all times during the process.

You should also be confident that your property management team is looking to get you the rental return for your investment and get a tenant moving in as soon as possible.  Most importantly you want to make sure your property manager is invested in getting you the best tenants for your property as the right tenant, well managed can mean the difference between a good investment and a stressful investment to you as an owner.