Brisbane-Buyers-Agent-Property-Zest-Client-LukeToday I’m introducing another of our Property Zest buyers agent clients, Luke.

Luke lives in Adelaide with his wife, Lisa and 2 children (8 years and 6 years). He’s been investing in property for quite some time now and upon speaking with Luke even at that initial enquiry it was very clear that he is well read and informed in the world of property. He keeps himself up to date with the property markets around Australia, listens to podcasts, reads magazines and is someone who asks a lot of questions – and very intelligent questions at that!

It is something that I do find quite often with the people that decide to use a buyers agent, they often are relatively experienced investors, who understand property and how it works and they are really just seeking someone to go out and find them the key information they need to make the decisions and do the leg work that they don’t have time to do!

They are looking for someone who will work with them and really understand and listen to their goals for the purchase and work for them and with them to meet those goals.

Luke works as an aircraft engineer, which keeps him quite busy and he recognised that trying to buy a property in Brisbane, whilst he’s busy working and having some family time was going to be a tough ask. He’s bought and sold several properties over the last 15 years or so and currently owns has his principal place of residence in Adelaide, an NRAS property in outer Northern Suburbs of Adelaide and another NRAS property being build off the plan due later this year in outer Sydney.

For this purchase Luke was looking for a property that would provide long term growth that he could hold in his self managed superannuation fund.

In terms of location he wasn’t certain where he wanted to invest. Being a man who takes in a lot of information about property and current markets around Australia, he’d heard good things about several places, including some suburbs in Brisbane, Moreton Bay/Redcliffe area, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Townsville, Mackay, Roma, Emerald and Rockhampton.

Err…there’s a wide playing field for us to start with!

In the next instalment of the case study we’ll look at how we went about clarifying Luke’s buying criteria so that we could narrow our focus.

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