In Part 3 of our Brisbane Buyers Agent Case Study with Luke we do some high level assessment of Brisbane and the Queensland regional towns to assess which areas would provide properties that meet his criteria.

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Budget is often a major driver of a project and in this instance, we were not only looking for a property that was up to $350k but we also needed that property to be a house that was relatively new (up to 5 years old).  This was a major factor that would immediately reduce the number of target locations, particularly in a large city like Brisbane.

In Brisbane we assessed all major areas and came up with three focal areas:  

  • Moreton Bay Region, particularly Rothwell and North Lakes
  • Ipswich, particulary the East Ipswich region
  • Fitzgibbon

In regional Queensland we assessed a number of major towns, including Gladstone, Mackay, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville and came up with a shortlist of regional towns that fit the bill:

  • Rockhampton
  • Toowoomba
  • Townsville

Our location analysis reports included, for each of the identified areas, an overview of the location, key statistics about population, industry, location, demographics and property data.  We provided a ‘pros and cons’ assessment of the location and included sample properties that could be found in the area that would meet our buying criteria.

The next step was to present our findings to Luke and discuss our next steps.  Luke is a pretty switched-on sort of guy when it comes to assessing locations and properties and after reviewing the information presented he decided that he would like to focus on the Brisbane locations for this purchase (though he was keen to pursue Toowoomba at a future time).  He had decided that Rothwell, North Lakes and Fitzgibbon would be our next point of focus for the search.

In the next part of this case study we look at more detailed analysis of focus areas to further refine our search.

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