In Part 4 of our Brisbane Buyers Agent Case Study with Luke we dig down deeper into the focus locations he selected of Rothwell, North Lakes and Fitzgibbon.

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One of the biggest issues that investors or home buyers have when they decide to look for a property is lack of focus.  It means their attention and time is split between too many locations, it means they can never really become an ‘expert’ in their one or two locations and it means that they can waste lots of time and energy and even become a bit disillusioned and frustrated with the process.  Sometimes they even give up.

This is why we spend so much time up front really analysing and focusing, analysing and focusing until we have chosen only one or two suburbs and then we can ‘go deep’.  We really get to know the location, we can focus all of our energy and time and we can become experts in the market at that location at that point in time.  Because property markets are dynamic.  They are constantly changing and so it’s important that even if you did some research, say, 6 months ago, that you go out with fresh eyes and a fresh mind and do it again!

After reviewing the initial location reports we’d provided on Brisbane and regional Queensland Luke had decided that he would focus on Fitzgibbon and the North Lakes and Rothwell areas.  At this point we conducted further analysis of these locations to provide more in depth looks at the areas themselves as well as assessing some of the property deals available.  We drove the streets of these locations to really get a feel for the area, it’s facilities, the traffic, the people, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ locations.


Once again we provided a details ‘Target Locations’ report to Luke and discussed our findings.  Luke decided to narrow in even further on Rothwell and North Lakes.We now had our target locations and it was really time to get out and start looking at property!

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