Mina Erandio-Bahuguna

Digital Marketing

Property Background
  • Property newbie! Currently in the process of acquiring my family’s principal place of residence
  • Being involved in editing the ‘Everyday Property Investing’ podcast and posting web articles for Property Zest and Everyday Property Investing I’m learning a lot along the way about investing and property!
Professional Background
  • Journalism graduate with a decade of experience in Philippine print media
  • Internet marketing specialist, helping small business owners tackle important parts of their online businesses.
  • Have been with Property Zest from the very start of the business all those years ago!
Life interests
  • Love traveling backpacking-style (though this has been set aside for now—not possible to travel this way with a young child in tow!), leisure runs, walks in the park, food-tripping, sunset-watching, inexplicable fascination with train rides
Something interesting
  • Ran 10 miles on my 30th birthday (years ago! I thought I’d never see myself turn 31—I literally dragged myself to the finish line)
  • I once had an endoscopy without sedation (true story, long story!)