Property Zest is a Buyers agent Queensland who works with you and for you to secure the best property at the right price.  Over the past week or so we’ve been talking about the value proposition of using a buyers agent Queensland when purchasing your own home or an investment property.

Of course, one of the biggest and most visible benefits of using a buyers agent is that they can save you a huge amount of money on the purchase.  Their knowledge of property research and analysis methods, the market and negotiating experience and skills will most often save you well over and above the fee associated with using their services.

Property at the right price 

Now this is the area where most people think that a buyer’s agent offers the most value. As discussed earlier on, it certainly is an area where having knowledge of the location and properties in the location as well as good negotiating techniques can literally save you thousands of dollars. In fact, for the most part, the cost of service for a buyer’s agent is more than covered in the purchase price that they will obtain. In a slow property market they can save you many times their own fee and in a hot market they can secure a deal for your before your dream property disappears off the market before you can sneeze!

There’s also terms and conditions to consider in a negotiation and a buyer’s agent will help you determine and secure the terms and conditions that are best for you in a transaction.

Coming into a negotiation with a purchasing strategy, whether the sale is by auction, tender or private treaty is a good idea and a buyer’s agent will help you to develop and execute your strategy.

There’s a saying in real estate that you make your money when you buy – and this is indeed true.  Having a Property Zest as your buyers agent Queensland will help you to save money and get the right property.

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