Buyer’s Agent Process

Buying property is one of the biggest purchases, if not the biggest purchase that you will ever make.  Many people jump into the process without doing the research, analysis and due diligence that a purchase of this magnitude warrants.

Making good decisions in property is dependent on implementing a thorough research and analysis process and having the knowledge and experience to interpret information and make the correct location and property selections.  Having a buyer’s agent working for you is a smart decision.  Let’s take a look a the process involved.

Property Zest - Buyer's Agent - Process

1. Assess

We listen and understand your requirements to formulate the ‘brief’.  This is a simple document that articulates your requirements and buying criteria.  We want to ‘start with the end in mind’ so to get to our ‘brief’ we will talk about your overall goal in property and the goal of this particular purchase.

2. Research

Taking into account your budget and requirements we consider and research the best locations for your investment (if applicable).  We have access to valuable knowledge and property data and we provide a detailed report to you to assist in selecting a shortlist of suitable locations.

3. Identify

We analyse property listings, source properties via our network of contacts and tap into silent listings to identify properties within the selected locations.  We filter this list through research and inspection to provide you with a shortlist of properties to present to you.

4. Inspect

We undertake detailed inspection of the shortlisted properties that you have selected.  If you are able to attend these inspections – fantastic!  If not, don’t worry!  We will provide you with a report including images, video and recommendations to assist you in the decision making process.

5. Analyse

Once you’ve decided to focus on one or two properties we undertake even further detailed research and analysis of your chosen property, the immediate surrounds and the location or order to complete our due diligence and inform our recommendations for purchasing strategy.

6. Negotiate

The fun stuff!  Together we determine the best purchasing strategy, including pricing.  We then go to work to secure you the best price and conditions for the purchase.

7. Purchase

Once your contract has been signed we still have work to do!  In this part of the process we can arrange necessary inspections and facilitate and follow up with you to ensure the process of settlement flows smoothly.  We can assist you in finding a good property manager and we can even be there to pick up keys at handover.