Property Background

Carmen was first exposed to real estate through her mum who was a sales agent and she loved tagging along to open homes with her mum over the weekends.  She has always had a keen interest in property investment and having a family of investors has taught her much about investing and property and encouraged her to get involved.  Carmen also got a taste for renovating through family projects mainly doing the clean up jobs, but fell in love with whole transformation process.

Professional Background

Carmen is a qualified Chef by trade with 9 years in the hospitality industry.  Her entrepreneurial nature lead her to purchase her first food business at the age of 20 which she operated for 2 years.  She later started her own café from scratch at the age of 24 which she sold after 18 month.  Carmen holds a Diploma of Business.

Life interests

  • Oil painting
  • Playing guitar
  • Running, kayaking; staying fit and healthy
  • Travelling
  • Food/Cooking
  • Crazy about cats

Something interesting

Carmen’s café was called Hungry Hippo Café, and she sold an enormous burger called the Kilimanjaro along with a half-size version called the Kosciusko.  She grew up in South Africa but the accent didn’t stick after moving to Australia.