The Project:

D & D were interstate investors looking for an investment property as close to the CBD as possible for their budget which was around the $550k mark.  This was one of those projects where thoughts and preferences evolved as we began the search so that the final purchase was actually quite different than first anticipated!

The Property:

The property was a renovated low set brick house is an up and coming suburb on the North side.  We were able to see this property and secure it pre-market with some fast footwork and an offer at listing price. This was a case of not looking a gift horse in the mouth!!  Fully renovated and a great little investment property.

The Numbers:

  • Listing Price: $428,750
  • Purchase Price: $428,750
  • Current/Estimated Rental:  $460 – 470pw

Client comments

“Karen was very patient from the start. Knowing that it was our first investment property, she still took the time to explain her thought process and educating us on the Brisbane property market with much enthusiasm throughout the entire engagement. In the end, we had someone that we could trust and we enjoyed the entire experience as she took away most of the stress involved! Very well organized team.”