If you think it takes large numbers to start investing in property and that there’s scarcity of locations that offer good growth and potential rental yield, this latest issue of Everyday Property Investing is for you.

EPI Magazine Issue No. 6 rounds up 10 budget hotspots that offer either  good potential for growth or good potential for cashflow—or even both! It was a tough job as there were so many locations that suit the criteria but after researching and assessing and even getting on the road in some areas, EPIM identified its Top 10 for this issue and looked at the profile of each of the 10 areas.

Meanwhile, our Property Zest client Serg is also featured in this latest issue as he talks about the experience of buying an investment property in Mackay.

EPI Magazine is available for download via iTunes (for those who have an iPad). Everyday Property Investing Magazine has wealth of information about property investing presented in an easy, engaging, and educational way.

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