Tenants – Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I have to return the Entry Condition Report?

Please complete, sign and return the Entry Condition Report within 3 days of lease commencement.

How can we pay our rent?

Direct debit is our preferred method of payment. We will provide you with the account details when you sign up. We would recommend setting up a recurring payment to ensure payments are made as due. Please be aware that you may need to pay your rent a few days prior to the due date to ensure funds reach us by the due date, otherwise you risk being in rental arrears.

What constitutes an Emergency Repair?

These are defined in your lease agreement and include situations such as:
• Burst water service or serious water service leak
• Blocked or broken toilet
• Serious roof leak, a gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
• Flooding or serious flood, storm, fire or impact damage
• Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
• Failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance for hot water, cooking or heating
• Fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure or is likely to injure a person

PHONE US TO REPORT THESE SITUATIONS IMMEDIATELY. If after hours, leave a detailed message of the situation and refer to the Emergency contact numbers listed on Page 2 of the General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) as well as refer to the RTA form 17a – Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units.

What if there is a maintenance item or something that needs to be fixed at the property?

All general repairs and maintenance requests must be forwarded to our agency in writing (email preferred) so that we can act accordingly. Provide as much information as possible of repairs needed as well as access authorisation for the repairs to be done. Maintenance Request forms can be downloaded here.

What do I do if I’ve locked myself out of the house?

During Office Hours – you can collect our management set of keys and return them to the office within the hour. Identification will be required.
After Office Hours – contact a locksmith at your cost. Refer to the Emergency contact numbers listed on Page 2 of the General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) as well as refer to the RTA form 17a – Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units.

We’d like to move out at the end of our tenancy – what do I do?

If you intend to vacate the property upon lease expiry or whilst on a periodical lease, you must give two (2) weeks notice in writing. This notice must be provided on an RTA Form 13 Notice to Leave.

What do we do if we want to break the lease?

If you wish to vacate the property DURING your tenancy, please contact our team. We will advise you of your obligations during this process. These obligations include paying rent until a new tenant is found and full reimbursement to the owner for costs associated with finding a new tenant.

Do I need to get contents insurance?

We advise ALL TENANTS to insure their own contents as they are NOT covered under the Lessor’s policy.

Can I install a pool at the property?

If you wish to have a pool of any size, it may require fencing due to legislation. If permission is granted then it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure ALL fencing requirements are met in accordance with current legislation.

Can we get a pet?

Unless approved on your Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement you will need to contact us and put forward a pet application form. Please do not get a pet and seek approval afterward.

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