Serg, Melbourne VIC

Serg is a busy man!  A full-time engineer, working on major projects for the government, married with three children and another on the way!  Like most Australian couples, Serg and  his wife, Bron are busy raising their family and needless to say, have little time to attend to other matters aside from the everyday demands of family life and their work.

That is why Serg decided to tap the services of a buyers agent to assist him in his latest investing journey—something that he isn’t really novice at, having invested in a number of properties in Melbourne. This time, Serg decided to go interstate and picked Mackay to be the location of his next investment property.

Here’s what Serg had to say about using Property Zest as his buyer’s agent:

“Not all buyers agents are equal, remember that. But from this current experience there’s nothing I can say that’s negative—it’s been fantastic. The thoroughness of the information, the research that I wasn’t able to do, and I know [Karen] could give me even more information if she want to but she did hold back a bit which didn’t blow my brains out! The confidence coming from all that was helpful….”

“You’d want to know that the buyers agent is doing a thorough job, not going to the first suburb and picking a house, you looked everywhere, so that was really good.”

“I think I’ve become even lazier. I didn’t have to do anything! I was just, you know, sign that contract here and there. [Karen] basically covered everything, followed up and kicked me in the bum when I was dragging my heels a bit!  Because you’ve taken care of everything every little step of  the way,  I tuned out and focused on work and family.”

Serg’s Interview

Listen to the full interview with Serg here:

Serg’s Case Study

Property Prospect: For this purchase, Serg was looking for new to near-new, 4-bedroom 2-bathroom property and he has set the budget to $500k maximum. We documented Serg’s Mackay property purchase and rounded up the process in the video below.