From October 1st, 2022 new rental laws come into effect in Queensland.

This article will provide a brief summary of these changes and important aspects of the changes that owners and property managers need to consider.

ending a tenancy

Owners will only be able to end a tenancy based on a set of approved grounds for ending the tenancy.  These grounds are:

  • end of a fixed term agreement 
  • preparing the property to sell, or sale of the rental property with vacant possession 
  • the owner or their relative moving in 
  • change of use of property 
  • significant repairs or renovations 
  • demolition or re-development 
  • premises used for State Government program 

The option to end a tenancy due to serious or repeated breaches of the rental agreement will still apply.

There is no longer an option to end a tenancy without grounds.  

For owners, the most important factor to consider here is to ensure your tenant is on a fixed term agreement at all times so that you will have an option to end the tenancy at the end of the agreement if you wish to do so.  


Tenants will be able to submit an application for a pet at a rental property and this must be responded to within 14 days or the request will be deemed to be approved.

Property owners will only be able to refuse a pet based on very specific criteria:

  • Keeping the pet would exceed a reasonable number of animals being kept at the premises. 
  • The premises are unsuitable for keeping the pet because of a lack of appropriate fencing, open space or another item necessary to humanely accommodate the pet. 
  • Keeping the pet is likely to cause damage to the premises and in addition could or would be likely to result in damage that could not practically be repaired for a cost less than the rental bond for the premises. 
  • Keeping the pet would pose an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of a person, including, for example, because the pet is venomous. 
  • Keeping the pet would contravene a law. 
  • Keeping the pet would contravene a body corporate by-law, house rules or park rules applying to the premises. 
  • The tenant has not agreed to the reasonable conditions proposed by the lessor for approval to keep the pet. 
  • The animal stated in the request is not a pet. 
  • If the premises is a moveable dwelling premises, keeping the pet would contravene a condition of a licence applying to the premises. 
  • Other grounds prescribed by regulation. 

Tenants will be able to apply to QCAT for a repair order for routine or emergency repairs where the property owner has not addressed the issue within a reasonable timeframe.

A repair order will be issued and attached to the property (not the tenancy) and must be complied with by a due date stated on the order.  Any outstanding repair orders must be disclosed to any new tenants or in the sale of a property.


  • A tenant will now be able to spend up to the equivalent of four weeks rent to arrange for emergency repairs.
  • A tenant will now have 7 days to return an entry condition report.
  • Name and contact details of nominated repairers must appear on the tenancy agreement for new tenancies.
  • The property manager will be able to deduct from rent payments for the cost of emergency repairs, up to the maximum.

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You can also review information on the RTA website.

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