Today I’m introducing one of our Property Zest buyers agent clients, Serg, who has agreed to let me share with you a little bit about him and his property investing goals, as well as follow our progress as we look to purchase an investment property for Serg and his wife, Bron.

Serg and Bron are typical of many Australian couples, working to earn an income, raise their family and build a secure financial future. Serg and Bron have 3 and a half children (the half being due next year) and live in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg. Serg is an Engineer, working full time on major projects for the government and Bron, in between bouts of morning sickness, is looking after the family. Both are flat chat busy, with little time to do anything other than the demands of day to day life. Sounds a familiar story, I’m sure, for many people out there!

Fortunately, Serg and Bron have taken a real interest in building wealth and started their property investing journey around ten years ago by purchasing an investment property in Footscray, an inner Western suburb of Melbourne. They followed this up with an investment property, purchased using a buyer’s agent, in Ormond, Melbourne and then a block of land on which they built a property, in the seaside town of Inverloch, in Gippsland.

For this purchase, Serg had been doing some homework and had decided upon the location of Mackay in Queensland. Mackay is a great location and has a number of things going for it at present, in terms of growth prospects.  Being a long way from Mackay and busy working and living, Serg decided to engage Property Zest as his Queensland Buyers Agent to help him with this purchase.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be following along as we learn more about Serg’s buying criteria, more about Mackay as an investment location and we’ll look closely at the properties in Mackay that may suit Serg’s portfolio.

Make sure you follow along with us!

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