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Professional rental property management in Brisbane by expert advisors and agents. Here’s why the quality of photos is important when presenting your property.

I am constantly surprised by the lack of thought and presentation that goes into putting a house up online for sale or for rental!  Good property managers will take pride in how they present a property, and rightly so.  Presenting your property well will:

  • Increase the amount of people who are interested in viewing your property
  • Attract a better quality of tenant

Some of the most common errors I see are:

  • Do it yourself photos that are dark
  • Photos taken on a smart phone in portrait mode
  • Showing non attractive areas
  • Photos that show lots of clutter (too much furniture and belongings) or rubbish
  • No furniture (better than bad pictures but still not the best

Here’s an example of a property I viewed online, I’m sure you’ll agree, the photos are not appealing:

rental property management brisbane - how to invest in rental properties

There are a few things you can do to improve the quality of photos and therefore the presentation of your investment property:

  • If you are purchasing a property, negotiate to have the professional sales images (if they are good!) provided to you so that you can use these for your own marketing purposes, such as advertising for a tenant or, in future, selling the property
  • If you don’t have a set of professional images, then have some images of the property taken that you can use and reuse for marketing.  It’s actually not very expensive. You can get a package of images for as little as around $120.
  • Staging with stylish furniture – if you can have the property staged then even better!  If physical staging is not possible or financially prohibitive (this can cost a couple of thousand dollars at least) then think about virtual styling.  This is easily done using online work services such as upwork.  Virtual styling can look great (it can also look terrible so make sure you review a potential workers portfolio first) and it’s very cost effective, it can cost you anywhere from around $5 per image to $50 per image depending on who you use.

Here’s an example of a much older house than the one above, but it looks so much more bright and appealing, simply due to better photos.

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