Property Investment Mentoring

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If you are purchasing your first or second investment property and are looking for a guided approach to the entire investing process where you will learn the process along the way, giving you confidence to forge ahead with your investing, then let us help with our structured property investment mentoring program.

Together you and I will walk through:

  • Setting your property goal and analysing your requirements for this purchase.
  • Analysing locations
  • Identifying and analysing properties
  • Research and Analyse
  • Purchase strategy and Negotiation
  • Purchase to Settlement

There are a series of activities that we work through together and we will speak each week via Skype for a 30 minute property strategy session and set our targets and actions.

We will assist you with analysing deals and providing reports and recommendations to assist your decision making.  We will work with you to assist in the purchase and negotiation to ensure you get the best deals at the best prices.

We offer 3 month and 12 month options and you should be aiming to purchase an investment property (or two!) within the program.