One of the most common problems that our tenants may contact us about is the property having no power due to a tripped Safety Switch. 

Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide for tenants to run through before requesting an electrician call out.  If an electrician is called and the fault is due to a faulty appliance, the tenant will be charged, so it’s well worth the while to take a little time to run through the steps below.

If your neighbours have power, you will need to first check your switch board.  In houses the switchboards are generally located in the garage or an external wall.  In units they are usually located in a cupboard in the kitchen or hallway (if it is an older building then a switchboard may be in a common area).

 Once located look for a safety switch or circuit break which is in the OFF position. 

  1. Try to reset the switch by flicking it back to the ON.
  1. If the switch does not easily reset (or stay ON) unplug all the appliances in the house (if on the power circuit) or turn off all lights. Be sure to remember power points that are hidden such as fridge, dishwasher, rangehoods, air conditioning unit.
  1. Reset the switch. If the safety switch fails to reset avoid touching it and any electrical systems and call our office to report the fault.
  1. If the safety switch does reset and stays reset, plug your appliances back in one at a time, checking the safety switch as you go.  Usually, the faulty appliance will cause the safety switch to trip once it’s plugged in and turned on clearly identifying the culprit.
  1. For your safety do not use the fault appliance until it has been checked and fixed by an appliance repair technician.
  1. Note: If this does not rectify the problem, please notify your Property Manager via a phone call to 1300 799 114. You will also need to send an email to: to advise so that a maintenance request can be raised.